How do I get full access to the virtual event site?

Please Sign Up. After submitting, you will need to Log In with the email and password you used when you signed up. NOTE: You will be able to reset your password in case you forgot. Click on " Log In", then click on "Forgot Password". Follow the instructions and check your email for further instructions.

Can't find the email we sent?

Check to ensure that the email you used on the platform is accurate. If so, please check your Spam or Junk folder.

How do I access the Live Streams?

The sessions are listed chronologically on the AGENDA page. When the conference begins, click on the session button according to their schedule to view the live stream and click play.

How to activate Networking peer to peer and group chat?

You will need to make your profile public in the My Account tab. Then click on the Networking tab to find other site members whose profiles are public.

What are the supported Internet Browsers?

Our virtual event site are compatible with all major Internet Browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. There are also broad support for all major mobile browsers such as IOS and Android. We suggest that you have the latest browser version on your computer or device.

What are the supported Network and Internet Speed?

A network that has no outbound and download restrictions are recommended. You may need to give the site(s) permission from your firewall and network settings. If you're participating from a network that has restrictions, such as Corporate or Government networks, you may need assistance from your IT or Network department. A minimum of 10mbps upload/download speeds are recommended. NOTE: Your upload/download speeds will significantly decrease if there are multiple computers and devices utilizing the same network.

How fast does my computer need to be to watch the Live Stream?

Most medium level computers and devices that are less than 6 years old should work just fine. Keep in mind that graphics and videos require faster computers to process the data. Company or Government issued computers may have limitations and may not work at all with the virtual event platform. Seek help from your IT department. We recommend that you use your personal computer or device.

How do I submit a question during the conference?

Submit a question in the Question Box at the bottom of the Live Stream video player and the assigned moderator will conduct a Q&A session with the presenter(s) based on the time that is allowed.

Here are some tips for resolving the most common problems...

RELOAD YOUR WEBPAGE: if you feel like your stream is choking or buffering excessively, refreshing the page is your first line of defense. AUDIO QUALITY: wearing earphones, headphones or using powered speakers will provide the best audio. A live event may have adequate audio levels in the broadcast, but most computers simply don't have adequate amplification in them. VIRTUAL PLATFORM: the platform is deployed at 1920x1080 pixels, as a result, older Computers, Tablets & Ipads may not be fully supported due to it's low resolution screen. LIVE STREAM: if you're experiencing trouble watching the live stream, refresh your page. Check your internet connection. Try another computer or device on a different network.